Malady Couture Dropship Programme
Malady Couture Dropship Programme

Building Dreams With Malady Couture

Malady Couture is an established brand that concerns on the values of togetherness, empathy and helping each other in chasing dreams and achieving success as desired by any human kind. Malady Couture always makes numerous efforts in giving opportunities to any individuals to achieve their dreams with us.


There are many among us whether as students, housewives, unemployed or even already employed individuals who want to generate extra income for a better living or to achieve certain level of achievement in their life.


In Malady Couture, we are not only provide you platform to generate more income through our efficient agent system but we also assist and encourage you moving towards the goals that you want to achieve. If you have a strong desire and willingness then nothing can stop you except Allah SWT. 


Running a business through Malady Couture platform is a short cut to success. Once you sign up as a dropship agent, you just have to follow the processes and the journey that we have arrange for you step by step until you achieve your desired dreams. We've got everything ready for you.


Being a dropship agent automatically makes you an entrepreneur. And as an entrepreneur, you need to be prepared to think and act towards being a successful entrepreneur. Insya Allah with commitment and hard work, professional guidance and efficient system, you will achieve your dream with us at Malady Couture. Take your first step today by registering as Malady Couture Dropship Agent !!


Malady Couture Dropship Program


Drop-shipping is one of the sales methods whereby the product or item of sale is delivered directly to the customer from the manufacturer (Malady Couture) and not from the retailer (dropship agent). When dropship agents successfully sell products to customers using platforms such as whatsapp, facebook, Instagram and others, dropship agents only need to make purchases on the website at a discounted price after commission. The dropship agent also needs to fill in all the customer details on the website.


Malady Couture Dropship Program reduces your risk because you do not have to buy any products until they are sold. We at Malady Couture will take care of all the storage, packing, shipping and even providing you a commission that attracts you all. Not only this, we will provide all the marketing kits to make it easier for you to sell and provide guidance to all our dropship agents from time to time according to the plans and schedules set up online or offline.


No need to buy stock before selling

No minimum purchase

No need to manage delivery

No risk of unsold stock

Marketing kit support


Consultation and coaching from time to time by Malady Couture

Attractive commissions and rewards 


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